Faster Quotes, Fewer Mistakes, + Better Customer Support.

Dealers who use Patiosmith can onboard new sales agents in days and generate error-free quotes 3-5x faster.

Excel File to In App 3D Model

Increase Speed and Capacity

Teams that use Patiosmith have tripled their daily capacity or better, while also reducing mistakes and increasing close rates.

It does this by eliminating your dependency on manual processes, spreadsheets, sketches, knowledge and years of experience needed to quote complex products. It's not just a quote. Patiosmith gives you a complete out of the box 'engineered product design tool', built from parts up, engineered to spec, visualized in 3D.

Reduce Mistakes

There are layers of mistakes that can occur in the manual process of quoting complex products to customers. Intaking information to customers, the knowledge and experience required to build the best/correct system, keying in your materials orders - every manual process takes time, requires experience, and introduces potential for human error.

Patiosmith eliminates all of this by creating data-driven processes from customer intake to payment processing. Every step of the process, every requirement and field of measurement is captured, validated, calculated and reviewable.

From Webform to 3D Model to Materials List
Person using Patiosmith on a laptop

Quicker Training

Patiosmith is easy to use and quick to learn, with an intuitive design and quoting process, in app guides and straight forward validations and warnings. The real benefit is the years of knowledge and experience that are baked into how to build each type of product Patiosmith can quote. New staff are able to get up to full speed and handle 90% of most orders within three days.

Better Oversight

Patiosmith gives you one central place to view your quote pipeline across teams and warehouses. With addons for customer support and issue management, you'll be able to minimize your teams mistakes and get ahead of customer issues and questions. Combined, you'll get a measurable 3-5x producctivity out of your team.

  • View and manage quote design/review pipelines from staff, managers and admi
  • Oversight of quoting and sales processes across warehouses
  • Opportinities to build out analytics dashboards and other custom integrations.
Oversight of quote pipeline
Supply Chain Automation

Supply Chain Automation

Connect details of your orders from customer requests and specifications, through dealers, retailers and installers, right down to the warehouse doing the manufacturing, packing and shipping.

  • Send and receive data-driven requests & quotes
  • Notifications and status updates for improved visibility through the supply chain
  • Opportunities for custom integrations for further automation and optimizations

Content Automation

Patiosmith eliminates the manual and repetitive tasks required to create PDFs for your quotes, materials lists and cut sheets. Add on components allow you to generate invoices, purchase orders and even generate installation guides as websites with downloadable PDFs.

Quick Quote Creation

Streamline your quoting operations today.