Built by dealers, for dealers and suppliers.

We started as a dealer, manually quoting screen rooms and patio covers. The software we built helped us grow our business by 10x in three years – with the same team.

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Our Story

We purchased a retail, drop shipping business in 2017 that had been running since 1997. The business was doing everything manually. Quotes, purchase orders, invoices, over the phone, taking hand-written sketches by mail, you name it.

With a background in engineering and sofware development, we were able to develop our own software that automated every process in our business. From generating web leads and automatic quotations, to complete order automation through the integration of various e-commerce and accounting apps.

Patiosmith is our SaaS platform through which we will be releasing all of the same components we used that helped us scale our business by 10x while reducing the time we needed to spend to keep the sales pipeline flowing.

Our Values

We are a lean, small team that's focused on delivering great value to other business owners like us.